Why Rent a Storage Unit?


July 31st, 2019

Storage units can be used for many different purposes, more than one might think! There are numerous benefits to keeping your belongings in a storage unit, but what if you don’t need the extra space? Even with storage space in your home, storage units can play a significant role in many different projects or transitions. In today’s blog, Marina View Storage explains a few reasons why you should rent a storage unit!

Free Up Space

The most common reason people rent storage units is to free up some extra space in their home. Homes can get overcrowded very quickly with the addition of new furniture, new decorations, and even new people! Extra space quickly becomes filled up with seasonal decorations, outdated furniture, and other unneeded items. Renting an affordable storage unit could greatly benefit your cluttered home — you could finally use that guest bedroom again!

Keep Your Belongings Secure

Storage facilities are great for keeping your personal items safe. With secure storage, you will have peace-of-mind as your valuable family heirlooms, furniture, and electronics are safe in your storage unit. Many storage facilities offer both indoor and outdoor storage units that are protected by a gate, video surveillance, and industrial locks. Even if you are nervous about the security precautions, talk to a staff member about how they ensure security!

Maintain Easy Access

While storage units are not in your home, they are still very accessible. After entering your personalized gate passcode, you can pull right up to the unit to access your belongings. Our storage units are built to be accessible, so you can quickly get in and out without having to dig through the entire unit! To make things even easier, make sure to organize your items as you put them in the storage unit.

Make Moving a Breeze

It can be challenging to find a space to put awkwardly shaped furniture or bulky items. If you are worried about moving all of your items from one home to another, or you are in between leases and need to store your larger items, storage units are your best option! After organizing your belongings into the unit, when it’s time to move, everything you need is in a single place. This makes moving to and from the new house even easier.

Storing Seasonal Items

Seasonal items often find a home in storage units. Having all of your festive decorations on display through the holiday season is great, but where are you supposed to put everything on January 1st? Why not utilize a storage unit? Whether you are storing holiday decorations, winter clothes, or your skiing equipment, storage units are perfect for securely storing seasonal items.

Renting a Storage Unit from Marina View Storage

Convinced you need a storage unit? Marina View Storage offers many sizes to choose from! We offer sizes that range from 5x5 to 15x50. At Marina View Storage, we believe there are many purposes for storage units at every stage of life. To rent your storage unit today, visit our website or contact us online!

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