Tips and Tricks for Packing Fragile Storage Items


September 19th, 2019

Moving to a new house or apartment is stressful enough, even before you pack up your old place. Moving can cause anxiety as you think about the finances and logistics that go with this life decision. The last thing you want to worry about is your things getting damaged during the moving process. However, this happens more often than you might think. Fragile items such as family heirlooms, glassware, and dishes can break with one wrong move. Marina View Storage wants to keep your belongings as secure as possible. In today’s blog, we look at some tips to prevent fragile items from breaking in storage.

Don’t Overpack

You might get to the point in the packing process where you notice you are running low on boxes. It can be tempting to rush through and start putting random things into boxes just to fill them to the brim. However, this type of overpacking is something you want to avoid! Overpacking can result in a tight fit, not allowing space for the belongings inside. Breaking is far more likely to occur in storage when boxes are overstuffed, so make sure you leave a little additional space.

Wrap Everything Up

Bubble-wrap is your best friend when it comes to fragile pieces. This extra padding between the glass and the rest of the items is the safe-haven you need to ensure a more secure moving process. It is advised to wrap each fragile item individually, in multiple layers of bubble-wrap. When you put the boxes into your storage unit, even if the contents shift, they will have the protective layer they need to hold up over the long term.

Secure Each Box

Taping up each box at every opening takes secure storage to a new level. It might sound like common sense, but taping the slits will significantly benefit your moving process. When some people don’t have tape, they will fold the flaps of the cardboard boxes to a closed position. Boxes that are folded rather than taped are more likely to shift and fall open, endangering your fragile items.

Mark the Boxes

By simply marking the boxes with fragile, it will make the storage and moving process safer. Moving into a personal storage unit can be a little hectic, and sometimes things get bumped or dropped. Writing fragile on the boxes shows movers which boxes to handle with care. Just a subtle reminder is often enough to ensure that your valuable items are safely stored.

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