Storage Solutions: Make Unpacking a Breeze


September 12th, 2019

Unpacking all of your storage boxes can take days, and by the time you finally decide where you want everything to go, it could be weeks. If you are moving your items into storage during the transition from one home to another, you might be tempted to randomly stack boxes in the storage unit. However, there are many packing strategies that are more effective. In today’s blog, Marina View Storage shares some advice on the best way to tackle unpacking.

Before You Pack

A large portion of the unpacking process can be made simple with a little bit of planning. Before you pack and move your things into a storage unit, you need to organize your boxes by room, category, or owner. This organizational packing technique will streamline the unpacking process, making it as simple as possible. Writing descriptions of what is inside each stored box will allow for easy unpacking when the time comes. Try your best to pack neatly, as this can keep items from breaking!

Decide Ahead of Time

When you are moving things into the storage unit, you will want to organize items in a particular order. The first items to go in should be the last items you will take out, so the first items should be things that you plan to leave in the storage unit for an extended period of time. When you are moving your belongings into the unit, you want to be able to access everything easily. So plan what will be taken out first, what will be taken out last, and leave yourself some space to move items around.

Unpack Smaller Rooms First

If you are planning on moving into a new house, pack the smaller rooms first. Bathrooms and closets can quickly be organized in your new home and will make the unpacking process go by faster. Your storage unit should be organized in a practical way to make the transition a breeze; rather than moving everything out at once, progressively unload your items over time. This will make your new house seem less cluttered and not as overwhelming as you move.


There are items in your storage unit that need priority over others. If you are moving your things into a storage unit as a transitional period between houses, you are more likely to need your furniture before your holiday decorations. Make a list of the “needs” for your house and handle those items before other things that can wait.

Set Aside Items You Don’t Need

When you are packing up your belongings, take a mental note of things you no longer need. Throwing away or donating unwanted items will make the unpacking process much more straightforward. Rather than trying to find a new spot for unneeded things you have accumulated along the way, get rid of them before you pack!

A Storage Unit From Marina View Storage Can Help!

Marina View Storage offers a wide selection of storage units you can choose from. Whether you want a climate-controlled storage unit or an outdoor storage unit, your unit will be extremely helpful during your move. Having an organized storage unit will make the unpacking process a breeze, and Marina View Storage makes it possible. If you want to know more about Marina View Storage, contact us today! We will see you soon!

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