Steps to Weatherproof Your Self Storage Items


October 30th, 2019

Items that are loose in your storage unit can be at risk for weather and water damage. Most of the time, people store the same types of items in storage units. Whether you are storing furniture, electronics, family heirlooms, or random documents, you want to make sure they don’t get damaged. There are some steps you should take to keep your things safe from unwanted moisture and debris before you even start the packing process. Today, Marina View Storage gives you some tips to weatherproofing your self-storage items.

Choosing the Right Containers

Choosing the right containers can be a huge factor when you want to weatherproof your things. Storing your valuables in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids is a great way to prevent water and unwanted moisture from ruining anything. Plastic containers also ensure bugs won’t infiltrate your clothes or other delicate belongings. Not only do these plastic containers block water and grime, but they also stack easily in your storage unit!

Wrapping Your Furniture

Most furniture is too big for you to find a waterproof container for. The next best thing is wrapping it in a plastic sleeve or completely covering it with tarps and plastic wrap. One thing that can be easily ruined on a piece of furniture in a storage unit is the wooden pieces. Wood can easily be warped due to humidity changes and extreme temperatures. Covering these areas can slow this process down, and sometimes even prevent it!

Waterproof Tarps

Tarps are a cheap and easy solution to weatherproofing. One of the first things Marina View Storage suggests to do is lay a tarp on your storage unit’s floor. Most of the time, when your storage unit doesn’t withstand the weather, the first things to be ruined are things on the ground. Putting a barrier between your belongings and the group can help prevent this. Also, covering your items with tarps can be a cheap solution to protect your things from weather-damage.

Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

If you are concerned about your items being ruined or have valuable items in your unit, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. These units are indoors, and they keep your things at a comfortable temperature for the duration of your renting period. They also help to eliminate any worry of weather-damage or water leaks. Items such as wooden furniture, leather, electronics, and more, should always be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit for the best protection.

Outdoor and Climate Controlled Units at Marina View Storage

If you are looking for a secure storage facility in Branson, Marina View Storage has you covered. With a variety of sizes and amenities, we are sure to meet any needs you have. We offer storage units ranging from 5x5 to 36x36, for storing items of any size. Our storage units are built with the best quality, so you can have peace of mind throughout your storage lease. For more information, contact us today. If you want to see our storage facility for yourself, visit us at 5403 State Highway 165, Branson MO, 65616.

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