How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage


June 10th, 2019

The winter season can be very tough on a boat, especially in an icy environment. Without appropriate maintenance, the boat will wear easier, causing a shorter life-span for these expensive investments. It is essential to take the proper steps before heading to your boat storage unit. Today, Marina View Storage walks us through some important steps to prepare your boat for a season in storage.

Step 1: Clean the Interior and Exterior

Now that your boat is out of the water, you have the opportunity to clean the entire body without any restrictions. Often on the bottom half of a boat, you will find barnacles, grown-on algae, and thick grime. Removing these with a power washer is the best way to clean even the stuck on grime without wasting time. When cleaning out the interior of the boat, make sure to wipe down all leather seats with a leather cleaner. Applying cleaning products will remove any unwanted dirt, helping the interior stay pristine in boat storage.

Step 2: Change Out Liquids

After a deep clean of the boat, you will want to change the oil. If any water or unwanted liquids were to leak into the oil, it could corrode the entire engine! Keeping the oil in your engine completely sealed off is the best way to protect your engine’s health.

Step 3: Drain All Water Inside

Before putting your boat in self-storage, make sure it is completely dry. Even a little bit of water can erode electric pieces of the ship. Also, make sure to drain your engine, bilges, water tanks, and anywhere else you might find a buildup of water. It would be even worse if the water were to freeze over the winter, causing severe damage to the engine!

Step 4: Disconnect the Battery

Right before you load your boat into your storage unit, disconnect the battery. If you were to leave your battery connected, you run the risk of it being dead when you take it out of boat storage. These batteries are expensive to replace, so take care of them in the meantime. It is a good idea to charge it every once-in-a-while during the winter months, so all you need to do is plug it back in after you take it out of your storage unit.

Step 5: Cover it Up

It is crucial to put a boat cover on the top of your boat. In boat storage, there are potential bugs and moisture that can call your boat home. Make sure the edges of the cover are sealed tightly! Covers help to repel any dirt, grime, or insects, making it simple to take your boat from the storage unit to the water.

Boat Storage at Marina View Storage

Looking for a home for your boat? Marina View Storage has spaces that will be perfect for your boat no matter the time of year. Our well-constructed facility is sure to keep your boat safe all winter long. Being located on Table Rock Lake, we know a thing or two about boats, so contact our expert team with any questions you might have. We offer a wide selection of storage units, anywhere from 5x10 feet to 15x50 feet! Reserve your self-storage unit today on our website or look at it for yourself at 5403 State Highway 165, Branson, MO.

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