How Often Should I Check on My Storage Unit?


October 24th, 2019

You have moved all of your things into a secure storage unit, and finally, that weight is off of your shoulders. But what happens if there is a storm? Or is it unusually hot outside? Is everything in your storage unit safe? The safety of your valuables could be a major concern if you don’t have a secure storage facility. Storage units are meant to give you peace of mind and free up space in your home. At Marina View Storage, we suggest you check on your storage unit periodically. In today’s blog, we list questions you should ask yourself before visiting your storage unit.

What Do I Have in Storage?

If you have valuable items in your storage unit, especially things that are easily damaged, it is best to check on them frequently. However, if you have storage containers filled with items that can withstand temperature changes, you won’t need to check on them as often. Things such as furniture can be checked on once every couple of months, whereas valuable items like electronics should be checked every two weeks.

How Has the Weather Been?

Severe weather can cause anxiety for any storage unit owner. Outdoor storage units can be susceptible to various weather events. Before a storm hits, make sure to visit your personal storage unit and assess the quality of your things. If there are any storage containers open, make sure to close them and keep them in a safe location. You might need to rearrange your storage unit to prevent anything from being damaged. After the storm rolls through, revisit your storage unit to make sure all of your items’ quality is the same as the day you moved it in.

How Often Should I Visit My Unit?

You should visit your storage unit once every month or two. The things you have in your storage unit can be worth a decent amount of money, and if they were still in your home, you are likely to check on them without even knowing. To ensure the value of your belongings is not decreasing, a monthly check-in is encouraged. Look into renting an indoor, climate-controlled storage unit if you are worried about the safety of your things. With indoor units, there is a lower likelihood of damage from weather events.

Keep Your Belongings Safe at Marina View Storage

Safety is a main concern for our team here at Marina View Storage. It is our goal for you to have the best possible storage experience, and with our secure storage units, you can find it here. Marina View Storage offers a wide variety of storage unit options, ranging anywhere from 5x10 to 36x36. Stop using your guest bedroom as a storage closet, and rent one of our quality storage units today! Contact us for more information.

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