How Do I Choose The Right Storage Unit?


June 17th, 2019

There are several options, accommodations, and sizes to choose from when researching which storage unit is best for you. It can be a difficult decision if you aren’t aware of what is best for the items you are storing. When looking into renting a storage unit, you will want to consider factors such as size, climate control, access hours, security, and much more. Today, Marina View Storage answers some common questions you might ask yourself to help you make the best decision when choosing your next storage unit.

What Am I Storing?

Depending on the items you are storing, it will determine how large a unit you will need. Often, there are depictions of what will fit within each scale of unit. For example, a storage unit that measures 5x5 is likely to hold about one piece of furniture, a narrow item such as a lamp, and a few storage boxes. Compare that to a 10x20 unit which holds enough for about 2-3 bedrooms. Before purchasing a storage unit, figure out exactly what you are putting in storage!

How Long Will It Be In A Storage Unit?

Many things are often stored in storage units that are not made to be left for extended periods of time, especially without climate control. The longer you leave items in storage, the more you risk accidents occurring or dirt damaging the items. However, there are tips for long-term storage unit use. Small factors such as tight packing, sealing boxes and bags, and even checking up on items regularly will extend the lifespan of your belongings. Make sure to evaluate the area before moving in to ensure easy check-ups and a safe, long-term location.

Do I Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled storage units are highly recommended, especially for expensive or important items. Electronics, artwork, wood furniture, and more sensitive belongings should be stored in a unit where you can change the temperature and humidity. These climate controlled storage units also help protect your items from extreme temperature changes and harsh weather. Often these units provide a secure storage atmosphere, keeping all the contents inside safe.

If I Have The Measurements, Do I Need To Visit The Storage Unit?

Even if you have the measurements to your items, it is still a good idea to visit the storage facility to ensure proper packing. It is always better to have more room than less! Practice and plan out how you are going to pack your items away, placing things you will take out earlier in the front. Once you get to the storage facility, you will also be able to talk to the staff about addition accommodations you might be interested in!

Need A Storage Unit? Visit Marina View Storage Today!

Marina View Storage offers a broad variety of storage unit sizes, climate control options, and boat storage. These storage units are sure to be perfect for whatever you plan on storing. Our easily accessible facility makes for a simple drop-off and pick-up process, with our friendly staff there to answer any questions. Curious about sizes? Visit our website to reserve yours today! For any questions, contact us at (417) 344-2583 or visit our office.

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