Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units


June 3rd, 2019

Climate controlled storage units make for a safe and secure way to ensure the quality of your belongings. But do the benefits outweigh the cost? While many options and amenities come with storage units, looking into purchasing a climate controlled unit is in your best interest. If you are storing items such as antiques, wood, family heirlooms, or other delicate items, the climate they are kept in is crucial. In today’s blog, Marina View Storage lists some of the benefits of housing your things in a climate controlled storage unit.

Extreme Temperature Protection

Depending on your area, temperatures can change quickly or be severe in certain seasons. After closing the metal garage door to the front of your storage unit, the temperature inside will change, especially if the temperatures are high outside. With a climate controlled storage unit, you can change the temperature upon request. What temperature you want to set the storage unit will be determined by the contents inside. To avoid ruining precious belongings, research the ideal temperature for your items!

Humidity Control

The humidity inside of a standard storage unit will vary with the weather. High humidity levels can ruin cardboard boxes, causing them to become soggy, which in turn makes the contents inside at risk of mildew. Wood furniture is in most storage units, and with excessive humidity, the wood will warp and swell. This humidity will quickly ruin several things unknowingly. High humidity isn’t the only cause for concern! Low humidity levels can quickly dry out belongings since there is little to no moisture in the air. To avoid these problems and maintain optimal humidity, purchase a climate controlled storage unit!

Ensure Quality

Climate controlled storage units are the best way to ensure the quality of your storage items. These indoor facilities are secure, safe, and well-maintained which make accessing your unit simple. Being able to change the temperature of the storage unit allows you to adjust to any weather or outside temperature changes quickly.

Weather Protection

One of the biggest concerns with storage units is your belongings’ safety during thunderstorms, tornados, or whatever else Mother Nature throws your way. Climate controlled storage units are inside, taking out this factor entirely. The facility itself will protect the units and the contents inside. Keeping your storage unit dry will extend the lifespan of everything inside, so when you are ready to take your things back home, they will have the same level of quality as when you dropped them off.

Peace of Mind

These climate controlled storage units not only provide a protective barrier between your belongings and the elements but also peace of mind. It’s comforting knowing your possessions are in a safe environment year-round without having to check on them constantly. Having a climate controlled storage unit is perfect for long term storage of valuables.

Climate Controlled Storage Units at Marina View Storage

Looking for a storage unit you can trust? Marina View Storage offers a variety of sizes as well as climate controlled units that will be great for your belongings. These indoor units make for easy unloading and long-term storage without concern of temperature changes or extreme weather. Visit Marina View Storage’s website today to reserve a storage unit for yourself. Questions? Contact us for answers!Stacked rows of outdoor boat storage

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